About Us

Why We Exist

We believe in empowering consumers with the right information at the right moment to avoid wasted time. The way we empower users is through our services that are simple to understand, convenient, and trustworthy. Transfer My Auto provides the easiest way to transfer your vehicle title through proven checklists and helpful resources. We believe you have better things to do with your time and we exist to serve your moving needs.

With over 15 years of experience running DMV outlets, the Transfer My Auto team has intimate knowledge and experience of the vehicle transfer process. Did you know 25% of people have to walk out of the DMV without completing their transaction? We’ve addressed this problem by assembling the perfect team to help consumers solve a common issue of transferring vehicle titles. We completed a nationwide research project and built a great online experience to ensure you never become part of that frustrated group that leaves the DMV only to return again later with all right paperwork.

Our Team

Becki Ashford is our title and registration expert. She has been educating customers for years as a DMV customer service representative and contrary to popular belief there are some agents who provide extraordinary customer service like Becki!

Grant Wilson is our design and client service contributor. With a formal education in design from Georgia Tech, he ensures the online experience is intuitive, fresh, and clean for all to enjoy. Grant also worked summers in the DMV that enabled him to personally understand the pain points experienced over and over again.

Chris Wilson is the founder of Transfer My Auto and has vast experience helping consumers as an entrepreneur in a variety of industries. He was inspired to launch Transfer My Auto after being contracted by the state of North Carolina to operate a DMV branch. He now desires to assist customers beyond his branch across the country in one of the most common requests- transferring auto titles.

Transfermyauto, LLC is a private for Profit Company that is not affiliated with any state government.